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Terms and conditions:

This is an electronic record of IT Act 2000. This do not require any signatures.

This is published with the rule 3(1) of the IT rules 2011 that require publishing privacy policy, rules and regulations for accessing the website.

User agreement:

The users and the visitors of this website are all subjected to the regulations and the policies. Whoever visits the website becomes the member of the website.


The terms and conditions of the website can be changed and modified according to its services and needs. It is your own duty and responsibility to keep yourself updated with the changes that is brought in the site and its services.

General terms:

The products that are sold in the website are from various places in the world. The prices that are mentioned below the product are the final price and no discounts are applicable. The shipping charges and the taxes are added depending on the locations of the customer. The details that are given during the order would be the final detail for shipping the product. The taxes are applicable respective to the product and the buyer agrees to pay it. The right for cancelling the order is owned by us and we might inform you about it with or without reasons. Whoever is using this website should abide by the rules mentioned here. And the one who is buying from us should give the warrant that the details are given by him are true and he should agree for paying the charges for the product purchased from us.

We might also take a step further to probe and investigate for the verification of the address and the details given by the customer. If the details given are inaccurate, the order might be cancelled immediately.

Personal and non commercial use and its limitation:

You shall not share/ copy/ resell/ distribute/ publish anything that is posted on the website or anything that would be of irrelevant to the website.

Third party links:

There are links of the third party in the website and we are not responsible and liable for any issue that arises through the third party link in our website. You are subjected to the terms and policies of that particular link.

No prohibited use:

You should not use this site and its content and its services for anything that is prohibited by the website. You also agree that by using this website you will not make any attempt to use the site in any manner that would damage the name of the website. You also agree that you will not make any attempt to obtain any secured private information of the website for any purpose and for any means.

The details provided to us:

The information and the details that you have provided us in the website can be used by us for any means. We might copy, modify, edit and use the content and the details in the website.

Liability disclaimer:

The services, products and the software that we use in our website might be inaccurate. We might update ad modify them periodically. We do endorse about the suitability and the availability of any of the products that is available in our website. They are all provided without any warranty. We are not liable for any issue or the discrepancy that is caused to you due to this. You can discontinue using our website if you are not happy with it.


We might delete/ terminate the account at any time with/ without prior information to you.

Copyrights reserved:

The trademarks that are used in the website are all copyrights reserved by us.

Shopping guide:

The interface is very friendly in order to keep it easy, simple and make your shopping enjoyable. If you wish to suggest us or give us opinion on how we can improve your experience you can write to us in the given email address.

Home page:

There are various categories and menus that you will find on this page. You can click on the options that most suits you and your requirements. The designs are all displayed for making it easy for you and you can select from the wide range of products that is available in the home page and the website.

Product page:

There are various products on this page. You can view them and read their descriptions too. You can have an enlarged image of the product. In case you wish to have a few more picture of the product selected by you, you can contact us for the same. There is also the zoom option for making it easy for you to view the product in an enlarged design. You can select the product and keep them on hold in the wish list and then you can come again anytime and buy the same product from us. If you have selected a product and that is out of stock, you can contact us anytime for the same and we will guide you for getting through it. The shipping details and the product details will be emailed to you.

Shopping cart:

With this option, you can review the products that you have selected. Increase the number of products and you can also reduce the same. You can apply the coupon code and avail the discounts and offers here. Once done you will be guided to the checkout option.


If you are already a member of our website, you just need to login. If you are a new member then you will have to register and make a new account.

When you register in our website you can anytime check about the status of the products that is shipped for you. You can also get all the updates about the similar product through the email.


We have free shipping only in India for a limited time period only. The policy can be altered and modified by us anytime.

Cancel and modify the order:

If you want to cancel the order or modify the same, you need to write to us about the reason and all the product details. If the product has already been shipped, then we would not be able to cancel the order.

We might cancel the order from our side if we found any information and the detail given to us is inaccurate or incorrect. If the transaction done is wrong or the credit card number is declined, we will surely cancel the order.


We will not be payable for the courier charges if the customer has given an incorrect address and the product is returned without delivery. If your address has changed and you did not notify us about the same and if the contact number is incorrect we will not be responsible for the courier charges

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