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Wooden black Painted Elephant

1Does Indian woodcrafts accept debit/credit card?

Yes. Your transactions will be made secure and we assure you for the same.

2Can I order customized products?

Yes. We will be really happy on working for a personalized product exclusively for you.

3Will there be any difference in the image that is posted on the website and the actual product?

There might be slight variations but there are no alterations done to the product as given in the image.

4How much time will it take to receive a customized painting as an order?

It completely depends on the product and the order that you have made.

5Can we place an order visa phone/email?

Yes. You can either call us or email us.

6What about the return policy of the website and the products?

We strive and work for 100% satisfaction from the customers. You can refer to the detailed version of the return and the refund policy given in our website.

7Is there international shipment?

Yes. We do ship across various countries outside India too. The shipping charges will depend on it respectively. The delivery time might vary from 7-10 business days for national shipping and 15-20 for international shipping.

8How about the shipping and the packaging charges for the product?

Once you select the product you will get the estimation of everything.

9What if the products we receive are damaged?

You need to notify us about the product and the damage in detail immediately through mail or by calling us. We will try to replace it with a new one.

10Can the shipping and the billing address be of a different country?

Yes. We ship to different countries as well.

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