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Policy For Seller

Policies for the seller:

When you are using this site, you will not:

  • publish/post content that is irrelevant to the website and its services.
  • violate any of the rules and norms mentioned in the website policies.
  • invade other’s posts and items that are posted on the website for selling/buying.
  • try to invade the website and its software when you have been banned and barred to do so.
  • change any of the prices of the products that are mentioned in the website.
  • post/publish comments/items/information that is incorrect/ false/ inaccurate/ misleading/ libelous/ defamatory.
  • manipulate the billing process and the fee structure
  • inter change/transfer the account or the details to the third party without consent.
  • send bulk mails, spam mails, chain letter.

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